So then – do you have any questions you would like to ask us?

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For some reason this rather ordinary and reasonable question at the end of an interview seems to be a rabbit in the headlights moment for many  candidates.

You know you have questions. One week ago when they invited you over you knew that you would be asked this question and here is that anticipated moment…….. and suddenly all is blank.

Okay let me begin with one simple thought - each and every second that you are at the interview from hello to goodbye is part of the selection process!

When I wrote the bit in bold above I was thinking does this calm the reader down or add to her/his fears further. However I think it is always better to know what you are up against (after all the creak under the stairs is far scarier than Frankenstein’s monster blundering around your garden) and … Read More »

Rule 1 – if there is only one piece of advice

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IF there was only one piece of advice I could give anyone going to interview – whether it be a seasoned candidate or a young person going for a first job or Uni place – it is just two words: be yourself.

As always with simple advice, though, there is far more to this than meets the eye so I urge you to read on.

Perhaps you are reading this at home or maybe on an iPad in the local coffee shop and wondering what  sort of advice is “be yourself” – who else are you ever going to be?

This has two parts.

Firstly: have you ever been on the radio or even filmed on TV? The first time for me was on, the now defunct, BBC Radio Gwent back in 1986 speaking on behalf of a Government Minister. It was a recorded interview … Read More »