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Who do you work for and alphabet soup????

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We live in a world of acronyms – take the innocent looking letters FSA. Any banker will tell you that the letters are for the Financial Services Authority but your local restaurateur will know that the letters are for the Food Standards Agency. Both would be right. In the USA there are no less than 4 Government agencies who use the letters FSA.

Outside Government these letters could stand for the Footbaall Supporters’ Association; Full Speed Ahead (a bike components manufacturer); The Fire and Security Association; The Foundation for Sports and the Arts; Findlay Steele Associates, and there are many more. That was just from Google’s first two pages. In fact Findlay Steele’s web page even helpfully explains first what they are not (swine flu advice) before having to explain what they actually do.

Unless you work for Microsoft or some similar well … Read More »

Getting your CV noticed

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In all honesty this is a misleading title. What it should really say is “getting your CV noticed for the wrong reasons”

Common mistakes and all leave the reader with a less than positive impression:


Plastic folders – irritating and thrown away immediately. Save yourself the cost both on stationery and postage. Perhaps not so relevant with emailed CV’s these days but I still get them.
Coloured paper – either by post or worse still by email where my printer has to turn white paper into another colour – gold was one recent example. The impression was not one of “oh how precious” just “will the ink cartridge last it out”.
Eccentric type faces – arial, times roman, calibri etc all fine. Gothic bold script might be cool for horror movie posters and copperplate for wedding invitations but not for your CV. Oh and black … Read More »

CV’s – what is good and what is bad. The basics.

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Curriculum Vitae (plural Curricula Vitae) or CV for short; resume or personal details – whatever you might call this document – that summarises your skills, experience, education and training – has only once job – TO GET YOU AN INTERVIEW.

In the last 25 years I have read tens of thousands of these documents on behalf of clients and so can give a fairly reliable insight, I hope, as to what I want to see and what I find frustrating.

I will deal with make some suggestions on how you might tweak your CV to your further advantage still (achievements, overviews etc)  in another post, but this one is about the basics and a check list for you to review your own.

Some of this might seem, well, stating the obvious, but I assure you the obvious seems to escape many – including … Read More »